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Greetings and salutations!
- And welcome to the virtual playground.

11/09/16 - ownCloud implemented. Enjoy! /jakob
10/16/16 - Scheduled maintenence 10/18/16 @ 01:00 AM CEST due to security updates. Downtime: ~30 minutes for all applications/VM's. /jakob
08/19/16 - Squid3 with filtering and Secure DNS implemented. Clients should automatically grab settings thru Web Proxy Auto-Discovery. /jakob
08/13/16 - Maintenence is over, and the stuff is implemented. No downtime was needed. /jakob
08/12/16 - Currently playing with virtual firewalls. pfSense and IDS/IDP & Snort/Barnyard2 to be more specific. Server is loadbalanced, so it should minimize downtime during maintenence. /jakob

: About :

About me and

My name is Jakob, and I'm a 31 years old curious geek from the heart of Denmark, Viborg. is my personal website/virtual playground hosted on my own server hardware and fiber line. The name - Tvipper - comes from "the mash-up" TV over IP/TVoIP, when the fascination with streaming began. I love to dig into new server/application technologies of all kind, and the website was the sum of puzzling with Apache and Nginx back in time when I started to gain some Linux experience. The site is currently a non-profit place with various links and hosted applications for pre-chosen users - and myself. I've worked and played (both personal and professional) with the following technologies for many years. Some of it for more than a decade.

Feel free to text or e-mail me if you have any requests or questions!
Jakob Munch Overgaard
(+45) 53 60 12 20

Server and applications:

  • Windows 2003, 2008R2, 2012R2, Linux (Ubuntu & CentOS/Redhat)
  • Apache2/Nginx, IIS, Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL, MSSQL, SSL and Linux scripting
  • BackTrack/Kali-distro for penetration testing
  • Office & Creative Suite
  • Hyper-V & VMware
  • loads of other software and hardware solutions like HP Proliant/IBM/Dell-servers

Network and office:

  • Domain controller, Citrix, router, switch, QoS, subnetting, FTP, DPI firewall, UTM, proxy, encryption, security, NAS, SAN, VPN, websites, mediastreamers, cloud backup, WiFi tweaking and RADIUS securing, etc.
  • Monitoring/surveillance with SCOM, Nagios, Cacti and Monit
  • Fiber optics, coax and PSTN
  • Remote support for end users

The creative side::

  • Branding
  • Web production
  • PR and advertisement
  • Photography
  • Banners, flyers, books, magazines, etc.

: Webmail :

Click HERE to log in to your personal Tvipper webmail. Session will automatically be secured with strong SSL encryption.

: Cloud :

Click HERE ownCloud is an open source, self-hosted file sync and share app platform. Access & sync your files, contacts, calendars & bookmarks across your devices like pc's, Android, iPhone, Mac etc.

ownCloud can be reached with your browser or the intelligent synchronization client. Grab the latest version from the external link HERE

: Plex :

Click the external link HERE to log into Plex.

"Plex allows you to aggregate all your personal media and access it anywhere you go. Enjoy your own media on all your devices with the Plex Media Server."

Plex is supported by the following devices: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Roku, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, Android TV, Xbox One, Playstation, pc's, Linux and loads of modern TV's.

: Services :

Currently implemented services:

  • Cloud backup* with ownCloud
  • Cloud firewall* with pfSense (IDP and antivirus optional)
  • FTP-site* with superfast transfer speed
  • Gameservers with low, jitterfree ping; CS:GO, ARK, Rust, MineCraft, etc.
  • IPsec/OpenVPN* and SSH tunneling*
  • IRC bouncer* with ZNC
  • Mailserver* and webmail thru Postfix, Dovecot with integrated spamfilter, antivirus and DKIM-signing
  • Media streaming* with Plex
  • Nagios monitoring* for remote servers. Alerts for NotifyMyAndroid included
  • Rsync backup*
  • Squid proxy* with Secure DNS
  • VoIP/voice applications like TeamSpeak3, Mumble and Ventrilo
  • VPS* - Ubuntu 16.04.1LTS, CentOS7 or Windows2012R2 (needs license key) - up to 2 dual Xeon-core and 8 GB memory per server
  • Website hosting with loadbalancing powered by Nginx, Apache2, PhpMyAdmin and MySQL
  • + Much much more! Contact me for requests.
* Needs password, generated key or firewall opening.
Illegal file sharing is prohibited and will be intercepted.

: Support :

Click the external link HERE to start a remote support session with me thru TeamViewer. An appointment and detailed error description/task is needed beforehand. Don't hold you back with sophisticated, knotty stuff - I'm up for the challenge! :-)